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's because we've had a couple of issues this week and this morning, it's an the northbound side of 95. it's an overturned box truck two left lanes are blocked north of route 32. let's take a live look from our mdot camera. you're going to see that traffic is jammed through the area heading northbound 95 now the southbound side is not affected by the accident so that's at least some good news traveling out of the columbia area. down to the beltway. but northbound, this is what you will have to deal with early this morning and i of course am keeping an eye on that situation. let's go back over to the maps this time head over to the other side coming in from the west. no issues to report on the dulles toll road or 66 in from center sill right now the fairfax, the lanes are open. a live look now northbound on 95 pretty much the same story. back with more on the accident in 95 at 6:11. back to you guys. >>> thank you monika. it was the last thing the northeast needed. another storm and unfortunately that is what's happening there now. >> yeah, nor'easter began pounding that region yesterday, r
with emergency crews only one lane getting by with traffic in the northbound direction on the right lane as you can see right here multi cars that's the only lane getting by, chp just went by southbound there guess a truck, that's a multi-multi-car accident northbound 87 avoid the area if possible chp letting some of the traffic go really dangerous conditions out there give yourself plenty of time and lots of slow speeds windshield wipers of course majorly needed "sig alert" with big rig accident westbound 580 at 680 still out there, crews on scene they estimated by 5:30 we'll check back and see. reports of another big rig off embankment at north greenville, take bart if you can this is going to be a major commute problem westbound 580 most of the morning. north 101 whipple standing water then accident in the left lane eastbound 80 tennessee accident caused by standing water in the left lane. two accidents in san francisco both due to standing water and flooding north 101 at third new accident northbound 280 at ocean avenue. slow it down folks, stay home you can, use mass transit, the roads are
. here is sal. intellect good morning. northbound 101 we have that fire that car fire and also a crash. watch out for slow traffic to have two lanes blocked there on northbound 101. if you want to come into san francisco use 280 instead. bay bridge already busy. it's busy early. i think a lot of people are used to getting up at a certain time. and they're at the bay bridge. the metering lights on and it's an early day. let's go back to the desk. >>> starting with developing news now. fremont police are on the scene of a deadly police shooting. it happened at 11:00 last night on central avenue near glenmore drive. i want to take a live picture there of the scene. you can see the area still blocked off to traffic. officers were responding to a domestic violence call. after arriving police say officers saw a naked man chasing his wife with a knife. police say they told the man to drop the weapon but he refused. that is when two officers opened fire. police say the wife was unarmed but taken to the hospital to be checked out. >> we're very lucky that she was able to get away. it happened s
don't have any weather issues. northbound 95 is looking pretty jammed. traffic is at a crawl in howard county. we haven't accident at chapel road in westminster. closures in effect in the city at charles and lanvale because of a water main break. jennifer franciotti will have a live report. no problems on 95 towards the fort mchenry. here's a quick, live look at traffic. buy and continues to build on 795 prior to the beltway -- volume continues to build. traffic is snarled approaching 32. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> after hurricane sandy destroyed parts of the northeast coast, a winter storm is now drenching those same communities with rain and snow. >> rain, snow, and wind is drenching homes. entire communicaties range by hurricane sandy. >> it is overwhelming. >> very sad to see us getting pounded again. >> new fears of flooding. people are seeking shelter once again. >> shelter is available for free at the high school. >> hundreds of thousands just getting their lights back on are back in the dark. >> it is insult to injury, but that is mother nature. >> this weather
an accident on the northbound side of the bw parkway. show you what it looks like live from our sky 9. northbound side you can see through the trees there. now you are looking at the delay. this is against the rush hour flow northbound bw parkway. it was a multi-vehicle accident causing a major, major back-up here. keep that in mind for your travel plans. there it is. rots of equipment on the scene as well. multi-vehicle accident. it is too dark to see. you can see police are trying to direct traffic with a block. northbound and southbound again is also causing some delays with everyone looking over. i'll keep you posted on that one. back over to our mops this one 270, you have delays out of frederick toward route 10. brake lights begin at least here at 109 toward 121. back with more traffic coming up at 6:11. >>> superstorm sandy hit the u.s. the signs are still he have den. power generators are being marshalled. voting machines are being put into place. >> and as things start to slowly return to normal, riders on the transit system need to be prepared. it is going to be slow and cro
and rodeo drive, "sig alert" in the napa area 121 at highway 128, two-lane highway blocking northbound, a driver swerved to avoid a deer and flipped his car. northbound 880 hegenberger off-ramp accident with slowing, speeds 24 miles an hour. great highway san francisco closed lincoln way they have sand on the highway due to high winds. >>> back to our breaking news in palo alto where police are searching downtown for a man after a woman woke to a frightening discovery overnight. katie marzullo is at hawthorne and high street. >> reporter: she woke to a stranger in her apartment. you can see officers, crime scene tape around the home the woman is at the police station being interviewed. the good news is she was not hurt. she did not require medical attention. the bad news is, this guy is still on the loose. you can see k-9 officers searching they did an 8 x 8 block search this morning this started around 2:20 this morning they've called off the search until the sun comes up and they can talk to neighbors. they know a man, not known to this woman, an intruder got into this woman's house.
in oakland northbound 880 blocking embarcadero fifth on-ramp, partially blocking you can get off there, san francisco stall southbound 280 san jose avenue off-ramp san jose accident north 87 before 280 on the right shoulder slowing past the scene still with the bart delay in south san francisco earlier equipment problems between colma daly city south city 5 to 10 minutes no other mass transit problems. >>> peninsula hotel guests are back in their rooms following a poisonous gas scare. some are not happy. terry mcsweeney joins us live from the embassy suites with what happened. >> reporter: some guests are telling me they didn't get communication from the hotel during this evacuation. i was up in the air and a lot of rumors going around the hotel -- it was up in the air and a lot of rumors, the hotel telling me -- [ unintelligible ] a give was taken to the hospital he carbon monoxide.sopping, -- the hotel sounded the alarm, 500 guests cleared. here is one guest described it. >> it was orderly. the hotel staff i didn't see any of them but the police department was good at directingphobes to g
problems northbound i-95. you've been telling us for a little while now. what's the latest? >>> it only takes one accident to cause major delays, especially when you're coming up on i-95. this time it's an accident at route 123 just as you head north of woodbridge. it's blocking off the two left lanes. i'm going to step out and show you what it looks like live first from our sky 9. look at that. northbound 95. it's been there for about half an hour, but it's already affected your traffic. let's also take a live look from our traffic camera closer in. this is what it looks like at the prince william parkway. so please keep us in mind for your travel plans. maybe scoot over to route 1. a quick look at our geographerrics again. want to let -- graphics again. want to let you know there are delays in both directions on metro's red line from glenmont to wheaton because they're single tracking and obstruction there on the tracks. >> thank you, monika. >>> the deadly terror attack that took place on september 11 at the american consulate in benghazi, libya will be center stage on capitol hill t
in with julie wright once again. >> right now, we are checking out the crew in sky fox in the northbound drive along the bw parkway as you continue north of 197. temporarily, we had the road completely shut down. now, we do have traffic able to squeeze by single file to the right. a lot of equipment here on the scene headed northbound. if you are coming north, expect to find yourself in a backup before you reach 197. you guys may want to bail out pick up powder mill road. you do not want to stay on the northbound stretch of the bw parkway headed northbound right now. if you have a trip out of bwi, take this as a warning and plan on using 95s athe workaround. let's take it back inside so we can update the ride elsewhere. report of another crash southbound on the baltimore- washington parkway approaching 410. volume increasing as you work northbound continuing out towards 395. no accidents to report continuing out to the american legion bridge. on the bridge, that is where they're checking for accident activity. keep your eyes peeled for that as you continue on the inner loop working your way fr
and show you what it looks like first on the northbound side of 395. on the vdot camera in issues to report -- no issues to report at the 14th street bridge just before the point there was an accident reported northbound 395 at king street. i was on the phone with the police and it was quickly moved out of the roadway. i don't think there's anything left of that accident. northbound 395 leaving king street up to the 14th street bridge. so heading out the door, that's good too. let's go back to the maps this time all the way up north on 95 in maryland. northbound after route 32, a box truck involved in an accident right side of the road is affected there as well. that's northbound 95 so if you're heading toward the columbia area, bw parkway, route 32 all look good. 29 looks good heading south to the beltway. in college park, no issues to report right now on the north side of town. beltway. we'll go to the chart camera for that and looking good out of college park, route 1 into silver spring and beyond toward bethesda. 270 no issues out of frederick down to the point where the lanes divide. i
upper deck as you make your way this through the tunnel. elsewhere 87 in san jose, northbound past hp pavillion that is -- we can see that camera now westbound -- there is 87 past hp pavillion, light. problem with car fire west 580 north livermore blocking lane of traffic san francisco northbound 280 ramp to southbound 101 closed for construction for another 15 minutes. san jose northbound 101 old oakland road big rig hit a guardrail, blocking right lane. >>> 4:41. >>> new developments in your right to go nude on the streets of san francisco. >>> mystery solved, abc7 news finding a missing historic cross in the bay area. you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con no view, no touch trap snaps to kill instantly. no looking, no touching. d-con. get out. >>> welcome back. here's a look at downtown san francisco clear sky, mild, 50s looks like record high temperatures again today. wait until you see how much cooler it is going to get. heading to the sierra, there's snow in the forecast. >>> live picture from miami, florida happening right now on this election day you can see the lin
to a very nice start. northbound 280 and northbound 101 traffic is looking good. 4:37 let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. good morning, everyone. well, well not too shabby of a system friday night. that one really delivered. the one that came in early sunday late saturday intense for awhile and that was it. the pattern stays to the north. we'll get a lot of clouds today. rain will be up north of mendocino county. so it's not going to be that cold. to some people it's chilly this time of year. mostly cloudy i think farther south better opportunity. better opportunity for a cloudy day. there is a lot up here. it will drag across lifting a little bit. it will sweep in here late tuesday and wednesday. and then thursday looks good. so clouds and sun today. mostly cloudy to the north. rain in santa rosa and napa. but more likely tuesday rain will pick up late tuesday and early wednesday. clouds and sun very mild. temperatures today on the mild side in the mid 60s. really not this time of year the days are so short. with that cloud cover it's hard pressed. mostly cloudy tuesday. rain comes
. on the roads, we've got our hands full. we've got problems to report. this will be northbound i-59 north of the car rest area. police are out with the incident that has been pulled over to the shoulder. traffic remains congested continuing across the okay on. no accidents, just volume delays. we do need to map out some problems for you. if you are traveling in virginia northbound on 286, that is the fairfax county parkway. that is where we have the police activity tying up a portion of the roadway. 286 northbound at sunrise valley drive. roadway is completely shut down. no one able to get by at this time. we do have accident activity involving three vehicles on the inner loop of the beltway here at van dorn street. stay to the left to get by as you travel in from eisenhower headed over towards the i- 59/395 corridor. this will be in your way. inner loop starting to slow as you approach gallows road. heavy volume headed northbound north of 216 and 32. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. >>> we are monitoring metro for you this morning. the system is teaming up with the na
we're told this box trailer was heading in the northbound lanes off 680. it's somehow went over to the shoulder, bouncing off the very small pond on the side of the shoulder. and then slammed -- landed on top of the center divide. so that is the scene as you can see it now. there is a lot of brownish matter along the highway and they had about 30-40 gallons of fuel spilling on to the freeway. that makes it safe for northbound lanes to continue going we'll continue to keep you updated. the driver carrying medical supplies and sustained lacerations but he's now in castro valley and that is the latest from the scene. >> what a mess. this is at stoneridge drive in pleasanton. >> we have breaking news in new york. mayor bloomberg this afternoon did an about face, canceling the new york city marathon. the preparations were well underway. pressure from residents of badly battered staten island finally convinced the mayor to change his mind. >> those of us who love this story and this race recognize it wasn't a marathon if it wasn't a unifying event. it wasn't a marathon we knew and lov
off to a good start. embarcadero northbound closed due to roadwork between second and brannon until 5:00. >>> developing news. another top military career on the line. stunning new revelations about the woman who put cia director general petraeus' affair in the pot light. katie marzullo with the latest. -- >> reporter: a lot of twists and turns for the woman who blew the whistle on general petraeus' affair at the center of her own scandal. jill kelley is the woman who received the allegedly threatening e-mails from broadwell. now the fbi is investigating e-mails sent between kelly and the -- kelley and the top commander in afghanistan, general john al -- john allen. secretary of defense panetta has receased a statement saying allen will keep his job as commander in afghanistan his next career move is uncertain. >> general allen is entitled to due process in this matter. in the meantime, the secretary has asked the president and the president has agreed, to put his nomination on hold until the relative facts are determined. >> reporter: nomination is for commander of european command a
. this is on the palo alto side of 1 01. it is northbound at the embarcadero. it is involved and a police vehicle there ran off the road and overturned. there's one landlocked and once again this is 101 at the embarcadero. this is an injury accident involving a police officer. traffic is starting to slow down and it is less a 60 m.p.h.. will keep an eye on this accident and let you know how this will slow down your commute. >> the rest of the bay area is doing just fine. >> new this morning. police and san rafael are investigating a shooting at a nightclub. according to san rafael police department they responded to a call the shots fired around 12:45 p.m. this morning in the area of club 101 located at 815 west francisco boulevard. two victims were taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries. police did detained two suspects the they believe are linked to the shooting. authorities also say that multiple firearms were recovered at the scene. >> let's start in san francisco with kron 4 will tran. >> it is very busy and the shoppers have been out getting their shopping on a you can see the
blocked u.s. 101 northbound at the san antonio avenue and embarcadero road exit. be aware of that. six hours is a long time. >>> and the bay bridge toll plaza, you see traffic flowing into san francisco. and coming in for berkeley looking good as you make your way toward the mcarthur maze here's steve. >>> low 50s, for others it's cold, upper 30s. gilroy 39, upper 30s around concord and livermore but a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge, a few high clouds drifting down from the north, patchy fog as well. north and east bay. some of the visibility can be awful. once it burns off, it will be a hazy day. it's a dry forecast probably until next wednesday night, then looks like rain coming in next week. not today. some of the higher clouds, susanville, redding, red bluff and a couple make it down here. fairfield, napa, and san jose is at 41. redwood city 41. the jet stream is up to the north and it's going to stay there a while. after that patchy fog burns off, that will probably be it being the fog on the increase as we go into the weekend, but 60s, low toe mid-days very short but wi
on northbound 880 but no one was hurt. the rain caused flooding throughout the bay area. you are looking at -- the rainy weather also causing a nightmare at bay area airports on one of the busiest travel days of the year. christien kafton is live for us. we are hearing there are big delays. christien. >> reporter: absolutely major delays for some people. wet, rainy weather causing serious delays. we are here at sfo. you can see the rain still coming down. it's more of a heavy drizzle right now. it's not a driving rain. it certainly did cause a lot of delays just as thousands of people took the air. ktvu camera was there early this morning as delayed passengers collected their luggage. at least 81 flights were canceled due to the rain, the low cloud cover forced the airport to shut down one runway and alter flight pattern. they restricted the oneway to 27 flights per hour as opposed to the 90 flights per hour. >> about seven hour. we got in about 6:00 and our plane got delayed. we were supposed to lee at 9:00 then it got pushed back to 1:00. >> reporter: delays of three, four, and up to s
it looks like. first of all on the northbound side of 395 here at the 14th street bridge, no issues right now from the beltway. in delays to this point. and into the downtown area. one more last live look outside if you're planning to head here on the beltway at bradley boulevard, bethesda, this is a good indication of the entire western stretch of the beltway through tysons corner and beyond. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in my next report. back to you guys. >>> a show recovery begins from -- slow recovery begins if superstorm sandy. the u.s. death toll is now at 64. the estimates of destruction and economic fallout are running around $55 billion. a part of new york's subway system is expected to be in operation today and once submerged laguardia airport will reopen at 7:00 with very limited service. >> much lower manhattan though is still in the dark. thousands of residents in hoboken new jersey across the river from manhattan have been given ready to eat meals and other supplies from the national guard. along the new jersey shore, president obama and governor chris christie
. >> good morning. still watching on the accident as you travel northbound fairfax county parkway approaching the dulles toll road. this is closer to sunrise valley drive. the northbound lanes are blocked by a three-vehicle crash in that area. still seeing delays grow as you travel northbound on fairfax county parkway. i would skip it, avoid it and take reston parkway instead. let's head over right now to 395. earlier at glebe, had an accident in the right shoulder lane. your travel lanes are open as you make your way to the 14th street bridge. nice, clear commute as you head into the district, traveling about 56 miles per hour. the drive in total will take you 12 minutes. i'm back in ten. aaron, back to you. >>> you may have better luck driving today than flying. hundreds of flights cancelled and delayed because of that storm in the northeast. megan mcgrath live at reagan national airport with one couple trying to make it to a military event? >> reporter: right. the military event they're going to is in new york city. unfortunately, they're trying to get from fresno to new york.
, good morning. northbound 101 traffic looks good just as i suspected. southbound 101 traffic was gone. they are picking up road work. also this mornings commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's go back to the dave and pam. >>> topping our news this morning we are following breaking news. a fatal police shooting in fremont. ktvu janine de la vega joins us now from the scene. this is add central -- at central avenue. this started as a domestic dispute? >> reporter: it appears that way. police are still on the scene processing it. they are actively investigating. they have both sides of the street closed here at central avenue and glen more drive. for about a city block it's closed. that is because they are investigating this shooting that happened in the apartment complex where you see all those police cars parked. this happened at 11:00 last night. they received a call from a woman two told dispatchers her husband was attacking her roommate. he was chasing one of them with a knife. when police aryed they found the woman and roommate fleeing the apartment and found the man
in napa area northbound 121 blocking lanes at highway 29. >>> 6:10. microsoft may be getting ready to go head-to-head with apple in the phone market. sources tell the wall street journal testing -- tell the "wall street journal" testing is underway for a smartphone microsoft isn't sure whether to put the phone into mass production. analysts expected microsoft may be getting ready to builds own phone. >>> san francisco's city attorney asking the maker of popular energy drink provide proof behind claims and advertising. city attorney herrera sent the letter to monster beverage asking the company to back up claims that the energy drinks itself are safe for children and adults. monster has come under scrutiny after the fda received reports the deaths of five people may be linked to the company's energy drinks. >>> more trouble in the wake of superstorm sandy long lines commuters are still waiting in to get gasoline and what one impatient driver is accused of doing that could land him in jail for 15 years. >>> java jolt in the race for president. the starbucks executive throwing his support b
evening, i'm ama daetz. it happened on northbound highway 101 near south airport boulevard. north of the airport. we're live with the latest. reporter: as you can see behind me, this traffic is now flowing freely here on highway 101 in south san francisco. that wasn't the case a couple hours ago. the fatal extent was called into the chp 8:20 tonight. the chp 9-1-1 operator received a dozen calls from drivers traveling northbound, saying someone was hit on the freeway. >> chp officers arrived at 8:26 and immediately closed all northbound lanes. the freeway was closed between grand eave new and oyster point. it was closed until fire trucks and emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene. the chp says when they arrived they saw a body lying in the third lane of northbound 101. the vic died after being hit by at least one car. officers have little information at this time. >> it was female, in her mid-20s. early 30s, at this time. but it's an ongoing investigation. we don't know if she was walking across the freeway or dropped off. reporter: the chp tie veerted traffic around the
have a solo spinout northbound 880. we've had a lot of spinouts all over the place. i want to mention that there is a house fire in san francisco in the bay view near thomas and, ingalls that could have started with a car that started on fire first. we have a lot of fire units heading to that scene right now. and they're arriving. i'm hearing there -- there is fire in that building. let's go out and take a look at the toll plaza. it is light so far getting into san francisco. and on the east shore freeway, westbound 80 traffic is moderately heavy already. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. a very good morning. decent rain. 1-3 inches so far to the north. lesser amounts south. the system is moving south. and there is enhancement taking place. a little break between but it will be a misty drizzly morning. a warm system. it's raining in tahoe and tricky the last time i checked. rather windy to breezy for some. it looks like rain tapering off toward the north. around clear lake and also into hidden valley. a little bit of rain there. that is not too much. but still it's there. head do
that. peninsula northbound 101 at nerd in san mateo, accident -- at third, in san mateo accident blocking left lane. accident eastbound 80 pinole valley road blocking a lane. accident cotati grade north 101, clearing stages. >>> breaking news out of the south bay. san jose firefighters on the scene of suspicious fire at a hair salon on lundy avenue. here's a live look. firefighters with hoses, the ground is wet, there are a lot of stores in that strip mall. according to a dispatcher this fire was reported one hour ago they made quick work of it. we are waiting to get an update. it looks like that beauty salon is at the center of it. >>> this morning traffic back to normal on i-580 in oakland after being shutdown a couple hours last night following a gun battle between people in two cars. sky 7 hd was overhead after lanes were closed seminary drive and edwards avenue 8:30. the gun battle ended with two cars crashing, officers found both vehicles riddled with bullets, people in the cars nowhere to be found. nobody has shown up at area hospitals. investigators say there is no active
fox was heading in the direction of our crash along northbound i-95 approaching 123. they found the accident pulled out of the lanes. all lanes now open northbound on i-95 but what you are looking at here is traffic that is starting to slow before potomac mills. we are may back upwell before dale city headed northbound on i-59 trying to work your way out to 123. metro is having some problems this morning. metro's red line single tracking between glenmont and wheaton. this is due to an earlier problem outside of the glenmont station. you will find that trains are moving right now but anticipate a slow get on metro's red line. other than that, things are working fine. no problems to report at the wilson bridge. traffic flowing freely on the top stretch of the beltway and headed over towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> one central question has been answered but man more will follow. former cia director david petraeus will testify about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> president obama continues to come to the defense of one of the key playe
let's take a live look and show you what it looks like if you're coming in on the northbound side of 395. to the 14th street bridge. no delays yet from duke street all the way up the line to the bridge span. back to the maps and this time we'll head over to the southern side of maryland. route 4, route 5, route 301 everything is good. 210 out of hack cook, tall way up here -- accokeek, across the bridge span into alexandria also accident-free. this time at the american legion bridge. back with more traffic. back to you guys. >>> thank you monika. today president obama will make his first postelection comments about the economy. this is video of the campaign release of the president wiping away tears as he thanked young members of his campaign staff in chicago. >> today he's going to talk about the tough situation ahead. automatic tax hikes and severe budget cuts that will go into effect in january it's called the fiscal cliff. the congressional budget office said yesterday if all the taxes and spending cuts take place, tax hikes in spending cuts, it will push the country's unemplo
and northbound 280 right through the downtown area, that is a nice looking drive, let's go to steve. >>> sal, my dad is watching this, and he will verify this, but i remember 19-cents per gallon for gas and they gave away steak knives. i remember back in the day when i was a kid. i remember. >>> now because of the some higher clouds, look at oakland 54, what? 55 in san francisco, another nice day along the coast, not as cold inland and instead of we had a few cold mornings and it needs to get a little kicker. it will work through thursday into friday. very mild conditions and for this time of year it is actually kind of warm but if you go out for a walk or hike you better do it by 3:00 because that sun starts fast a off the high clouds over us no big deal. watch the clouds starting to increase, this is late thursday, take it overnight into friday, this will be a warm system 0 coming in. that easterly breeze looks nice on the coast. i couldn't stop putting it in the 70s. and on friday timing may be tough but cloudy skies working into -- working rain into the weekend, pam. >>> plans for the arena
to a decent start on a monday. as you can see by looking at this picture. northbound 101 looks good. also if you are driving on westbound bay bridge approach it is light. let's go back to the desk. >>> in overnight news several businesses are damaged after a strip mall went up in flames. ktvu alex savidge is live at the scene in pleasant hill where more on what firefighters discovered and why they're calling it suspicious. good morning, alex. >> reporter: an arson investigation has been launched because firefighters found what appeared to be a molotov cocktail here at the scene. another aspect of this fire that was suspicious the front window of the business had been smashed when firefighters first got here and there was a small fire inside the place that burned on the inside wall. we'll show you video from last night. the fire broke out around 11:30. an alarm was sounding here and crews showed up. the strip mall. this was a very localized fire. fairly small. crews were able to knock it down quickly but they were suspicious about how it started given what appeared to be a home made device
. elsewhere roadwork eastbound highway 4 at loveridge detour in place. roadwork to marin northbound and southbound 101 intermittent lane closures repaving project. broadway tunnel closed for cleaning until the 16th of this month until 6:00 this morning detour in place there as well. >>> this morning a man is in custody after a pipe bomb was found in his car in san jose. the bomb squad detonated the device after the man was pulled over no one was evacuated a nearby holiday inn did warn guests to stay indoors. traffic was shutdown for a few hours. >>> the man suspected of killing a retired school teacher in hercules is scheduled to be arraigned in richmond this morning. darnell keith washington faces robbery, burglary and carjacking. police say he and his wife murdered 55-year-old susie ko at her home last month and stole her car. >>> this afternoon, one of the men accused of vandalizing a muni bus last week is scheduled for arraignment. yesterday san francisco police arrested another suspect thanks in part to social media. ama daetz has the details. >> reporter: they smashed, trashed
area 101 railroad avenue northbound pwhud slide blocking right lane -- mudslide blocking right lane this is near woodside highway 84 closed between grand view and highway 35, downed power line you cannot get through many millbrae area tree down on the freeway, chp en route to clear that out northbound 101 past millbrae avenue. >>> tens of thousands are without power in the bay area. more are watching potential flooding. the storm is unleashing heaviest rain and strongest winds. katie marzullo is live in the north bay. >> reporter: we are on miller avenue at camino alto near the safeway in mill valley, rain coming down hard at times at an angle many take a look at this massi tree that just snapped at the -- at this massive tree that just snapped at the roots. some cleanup efforts some of the branches are piled off to the side and the road is clear. we have seen a couple cast bars through obviously traffic is light at this hour. definitely showdown and take it easily through as they realize this tree has come down there is room for the cars to pass. the branches litter the entire isla
main break on york road. traffic is reduced to just one northbound lane right now here at cold spring lane and you are looking live at repairs that are underway. southbound travel is now being redirected but if you are headed to the area you want to stick with charles street or 83 as an alternate. no word on when this will be fixed. traveling on the beltway this morning, as we check in and look here at harford road actually in parkville, no problems to report. inner loop clear through 95. outer loop at a typical 11 minute right to travel from 95 up to 83. and the west side of 695 nice and clear. 11 minutes as well to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 95. and no problems to the fort mchad beenry tunnel northbound from 695 to the toll plaza looking at a normal 8 minute ride. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you. >> you might have to wait in line for hours but the voters who have done it say it's worth it. today is the last day to take advantage of yrl i voting in -- early voting in maryland. linda so is in towson live and i know a lot of people want to know
and a new flyover ramp linking northbound 280 with northbound 880. >> we're going to do everything possible to mitigate the impacts that happen during construction. but patience is key. we'll get in, we'll get out and it will be a much better interchange when we're done. >> reporter: now, the vta recognize that say with santana row and valley fair right here, traffic will be building up even more during the upcoming holiday shopping seasons. keep in mind black friday is two friday as way from now. that's why they're holding off on some of the more disruptive parts of the project until after the holiday. all of this should be completed by 2015, sometime during that year. reporting live here, bob redell, "today in the bay." >>> happening right now, an intense scene in burbank. a tobacco warehouse up in flames. firefighters there working very hard trying to battle this three-alarm fire. you can see the flames leaping out of that roof, smoke everywhere those. those firefighters were initially inside that building trying to fight the fire but it was too intense. they had to get out when the flam
are in san jose drive takes you northbound 85, light drive this is past hp pavillion and julian exit at the limit in san jose northbound 680 cordelia junction before you reach highway 80 car in center divide. some of your drive times now highway 4 not bad out of antioch, bunching up and speeds pick up towards 242 in concord. out of santa rosa towards novato 20 minutes, nice dry 84 the dumbarton bridge towards university avenue. a look at our waze app, looking at mountain view area 101 both directions moderate in the northbound direction, by one of our traffic spotters into san jose montague expressway, santa clara moderate, no delays traveling towards 237 looking good, if you would like to navigate your commute, you can download this free app on apple's app store or google play >> 6:21. >> bay area linebacker now off the roster. >>> push towards parenthood, prince william and his wife are receiving aspect builds on a new addition for the couple. >> katie talks to rod stewart at 3 p.m., right here on >>> good morning starting out wet in the north bay from highway 101 cloverdale wet th
wright. >> better news for those traveling northbound along i- 95. that was just the one left lane blocked at the scene of this crash. this one involving the overturned vehicle. northbound 95 north of 32. left lane is all that is blocked at this time. they are in the process of wrapping this up. southbound 95 looks good to go. 66 is still an easy ride coming in from fair oaks with no issues reported continuing inbound towards 123. southbound 270, we are good to go leaving 109 headed for germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >>> new this morning, former democratic congresswoman gabrielle giffords will likely come face to face today with the man who shot her in the head. giffords and her husband, mark kelly, are expected to attend the sentencing for jared loughner. he pleaded guilty in the january 2011 rampage that killed sick people and injured 13 including representative giffords. the congresswoman later esigned in order to concentrate on her recovery from the severe brain injuries. >>> a d.c. man is sentenced to more than a year and a half in prison
altogether. this time, northbound at glebe, the accident there, still see police on the scene. travel lanes are open, and checking again, if you're traveling i-95 northbound just north of 32, had an accident involving an overturned box truck. now it looks to be absolutely clear. so continuing your commute northbound, no issues there. back over to you. >>> this new storm is hammering the northeast. >> that's right. so far, it is responsible for at least 100,000 new power outages in parts of new york and new jersey. the rain, the wet snow all piling up on homes already damaged by sandy. the long island railroad, one of nation's busiest commuter train systems, suspended all of its service. new york city police urged resints to leave low lying neighborhoods. a lot of people, though, are staying behind because they're worried about looting. >> the snow is only adding to the misery for people who haven't had power or gas in 11 days because of sandy. the ripping winds, pounding surf and wet rain stunned people in oyster bay. that community is just one of many the on long island where power outages
with timesaver traffic. >>> on the northbound side of i- 95 a few brake lights now forming out of dale city. then up here in springfield, traffic still moving well and at the speed limit to 395 and the 14th street bridge. i'll be back with more on virginia roads coming up at 5:18. andrea? >>> okay. it is 5:11. let's get some results in big ballot questions in maryland. maryland voters joined those in maine making history on the question of same sex marriage. while the issue has been passed in state legislatures, last night was the first time voters approved it. three state voters passed question 6 by a 5 #% to 48% margin. >>> the question 4 the dream about passed by a much wider margin. that means undocumented immigrants who meet certain requirements will be able to attend maryland colleges at in- state tuition rates. >>> the measure that attracted the most campaign ad money question 7 on expanded gambling. it passed by a margin of 52% to 48%. statewide that means table games will now be allowed at gaming sites in addition to slots. >>> and a new casino will be built at national harbor in p
traffic report, we're going to get a live look at chopper 4 over the crash on bw parkway. northbound just north of lower bowie road, it is blocking the left side of the road. you are able to get by. follow directions. basically, you're getting by single file to the right. delays are starting to grow in this area. also, checking on the crash if you're traveling the inner loop of the beltway, crossing the american legion bridge, still along the right side of the road here. looks like two left lanes will get you by this accident in this area. you are slow crossing the american legion bridge as you make your way towards this accident. i-66 eastbound at fairfax county parkway, accident has cleared. really in both directions you're nice and clear. >> thank you, danella. >>> at 6:02, president obama and mitt romney now have just hours to convince undecided voters to support them. it appears every vote will count in this hotly contested election. the race is a virtual tie according to the final, nbc news/wall street journal poll. the president leads his republican rival 48%-47% among likely voter
northbound, 17, no problems here. traffic is moving at the limit. this is where your morning commute takes you. the speed limit is 55 miles per hour. so you're going to want to heed that speed limit today, all days, because of that tricky conditions you're going to find out here. now, one the things to keep in mind if you do drive a high-profile vehicle, hold on tight with both hands, because you are more prone to overturning, especially highway 17, notorious for its curves. the best news to report, no problems to report for highway 17. live at the summit, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >>> let's continue our live coverage. bob rydell is out on the road, northbound on 101 at san mateo. >> we just got done crossing the san mateo bridge. you definitely felt the gust of wind out there. we have a utility van we're driving. even if you're in your car, would not be surprised. was saying you want to keep your hands on the wheel. this is the first place where we've start see some rain. nothing significant. just heavy drizzle, as you're looking out the dash, heading northbound on 101, just south
looks light and in the south bay, on 280 northbound that, traffic looks good getting up to downtown san jose. >>> it is cold up there, that little system, maybe that rain from fort brag north and high clouds, light rain in northern men seen know -- mendocino county. it seems possible here in livermore and a little easterly breeze and northerly breeze, so it is coming from land to sea. these systems will continue to ride up and over and finally sit here until it gets kicked in. that might not be until the end of the weekend. so you can see how everything stays north. ukiah, fort brag never makes it south. in fact, as the next system comes in, by mid-week we will be near 70 degrees. a cold morning, no doubt, 50s and 60s, everybody will be on the same page here. 60s, low-to-mid, not much of a difference. although santa cruz will be the warmest at 67 degrees. wednesday and thursday, increasing clouds, most likely the system waits until sunday and monday. >>> 5:07 is the time, an incredible story for him and what may lead to the north. also we will be right back. >>> good morning, northbound
and there are major caltrans delays. a fatality this morning on northbound train 1 03 striking a pedestrian near palo alto near charleston. all service has been stopped in both north and southbound directions. between palo alto and san antonio there is no train service. northbound or southbound no service. a bus bridge is being set up. the first train will not arrive for another 10 minutes. if you scouts train you will be delayed this morning either northbound or southbound. >> a lot of trouble in the news today as we continue our coverage on the latest strike that started at the airport last night and stretch to the port of oakland this morning. this is all in conjunction with the same union and will tran is live at the port of oakland. it just aren't pouring too well? >> absolutely. they are protesting in the rain. i can tell you two questions people want answered at home is one there is a strike going on right now at the oakland international airport but according to the picketer as they are not getting in the way of travelers. you should be able to come and go without any problems. that is not th
there is pretty much a parking lot with those red brake lights. the accident happened at the:45, northbound highway 101 at south airport boulevard. now the highway patrol issued a severe traffic alert. however, they are not releasing much information at this point, but you can see that that back- up goes for a while and you can see the airport to the right. right now officers are diverting traffic onto 380. drivers are advised to use alternate points. if you are heading to san francisco, you will pretty much be diverted off. there is no estimated time at this point for any re-opening, but we'll continue to follow this and have more as it develops. >>> in other news tonight police arrested 42 people at a house party in san josi and did that they described as an army of officers to do it. eric rasmussen is live at police headquarters where he heard from police and part- goers who just got out of jail. >> reporter: maureen for their part police say they had bottles thrown at them. one officer was hurt badly enough he had to go to the hospital, but tonight some of those people at the house part
drivers traveling northbound, saying someone was hit on the freeway. >> chp officers arrived at 8:26 and immediately closed all northbound lanes. the freeway was closed between grand eave new and oyster point. it was closed until fire trucks and emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene. the chp says when they arrived they saw a body lying in the third lane of northbound 101. the vic died after being hit by at least one car. officers have little information at this time. >> it was female, in her mid-20s. early 30s, at this time. but it's an ongoing investigation. we don't know if she was walking across the freeway or dropped off. reporter: the chp tierted veertd traffic around the scene. traffic was directed to highway avenue.on san bruno traffic was backed up to the sfo. the chp opened one lane northbound at 9:30, another at about 10:00 p.m. now, as youc can see behind me, begin, all northbound lanes here at south san francisco are open. the chp says they have not identified the victim. what they're doing right now is calling back all those individuals they called in on th
this morning, no metering lights and no other problems on the span. san jose, live look at northbound 87 past the hp pavillion, left side, traffic light as you can see, one problem in napa due to wet roads and animal car swerved to miss a deer, flipping blocking northbound lane 121 at 128 there's a "sig alert" in effect there. northbound 880 hegenberger earlier accident cleared. >>> in sonoma county residents and businesses are preparing for the next round of storms. nearly an inch of rain fell in downtown petaluma yesterday. some in low-lying areas say they are not taking chances. one family has been packing sandbags to protect their business. they have experience with flooding. >> the water was in this whole area, the rain was immense and this building happened to be at the base all the structures around us are elevated a few feet here is like in the valley. >> west of santa rosa in the ton of occidental, trees fell yesterday in ground that is already saturated, authorities say they are preparing for more downed trees they expect the next two storms to pack a stronger punch than the first.
spot on interstate 280 in northbound direction. us and multicar injury accident is blocking the left hand lanes northbound at wolfe road. is backing up traffic now through downtown san jose. see also starting to affect the ride on 880 northbound as well as northbound on the guadalupe parkway periods no indication yet from the california highway patrol when they will get this crash cleared. >> we have rain on the way of but you would not looking outside. a crystal clear start to the morning the chilly out there and we will see an increasing cloud cover this afternoon and you'll certainly need an umbrella. tomorrow we have the possibility for scattered showers into the morning hours with dryer by the afternoon. overall dry conditions into the weekend the temperatures are still unseasonably cool. satellite and radar we're tracking the rainy can see is pushing his way out of eureka and and the ride in the bay area. how lucky to the tiny with future cast four coming up in just a bit. >> new this morning and hotel in burlingame. everyone is back in this morning by the people that stayed th
. >>> good morning, traffic is moving along pretty well on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. >>> time 5:14, a daring robbery in london. the robbers are riding motorcycles through a shopping center in london. shoppers had to jump out of their way. there are six crooks here. they have bats and axes and escaped on their motorcycles and robbed a jewelry store. police in london found the motorcycles, they were abandoned a couple l l -- miles away but still the robbers are on the loose. >>> growing privacy concerns back home, if you're a transit rider and use clip it cards. they are continuing a type of revised policy. clipper cards keep your information for seven years but the mtc is looking to reduce that length of time. police have subpoenaed records several times in three years. >>> the race for district 7 supervisor is too close to call. according to the city's department of elections fx crowley is ahead of normane by 100 votes. there are 72,000 ballots to be canceled and the winner will replace sean ellsbo. >>> s
partly cloudy and 49. >>> on the northbound side of 395 here on our traffic camera at the 14th street bridge, you've got delays now forming as you head for the eastbound freeway. that's because of an accident after the 3rd street tunnel. it's in the center of the roadway causing this delay so keep us in mind for your travel plans. i'll be back with more coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. >>> today is diwali. it's known as the festival of lights and celebrates the new year. it's a great occasion and everyone all over the world is interested in what it's like to celebrate diwali with decoration and food and dance and today to talk about this special occasion, very with me dr. jay varma, the owner of bombay restaurant and also happens to be my brother. welcome. >> good to be here. thanks for having me. >> one of the things that i love the most about diwali is the fact that everyone wishes each other -- we call each other all over the world. it's tie yum of good over -- it's triumph of good over evil. it's a good feeling. what do you remember the most about growing up and what
see in both directions, traveling northbound and southbound, issue free. southbound to the beltway, good news here. on the outer loop, as you approach new hampshire avenue. had road work set up. it was blocking two right lanes here. you are forced to the left. it's absolutely clear. and nice and clear as you make your way towards i-270. >>> 5:02 now, the pentagon is standing by the top u.s. commander in afghanistan even as it investigates inappropriate e-mails he allegedly sent and received from a florida socialite. secretary of defense leon panetta is urging people not to jump to conclusions about general george allen. allen is accused of having questionable communications with jill kelley, a social liaison to a tampa air force base. it was kelley who reportedly received threatening e-mails from paula broadwell, who was having an affair with now former cia director david petraeus. that led to petraeus' resignation. and broadwell is apparently here in washington. she's been spotted at her brother in northwest d.c. a man who appeared to be her brother, steven krantz, left last night
just yet. northbound nice and clear. southbound as well, no issues to report. a closer look as you get closer to the beltway at fairfax county parkway. volume is increasing. no major delays. and you're clear as you connect to 395. aaron, over to you. >> danella, thank you. >>> 5:24. there is a major upset on the d.c. council. incumbent michael brown lost his seat. news 4's derrick ward with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in the national race it seems to have all been about the economy and jobs. but here locally, voters had something to say, and it was all about ethics. in the race for one of two at large seats on the d.c. city council, incumbent michael brown was defeated by david grosso, the independent newcomer bested brown by 20,000 votes. brown's campaign was alleged improprieties of nonprofits he was associated with, and grosso also seized on brown's tax paying record as well. voters also approved ethics related changes to the city charter. the council members can now vote to jettison a fellow member who's found derelict in duty or in personal conduct, and
in with monika with timesaver traffic. >>> unfortunately ugly on the northbound side of i-95. but look at all the red behind me, going about 16 miles per hour getting up to triangle and dumfries an accident after route 610 blocks the left side of the road. then beyond that it's actually great. a live look beyond that and as i said near prince william parkway traffic is moving at the speed limit. most of the way to springfield where it bunches up again trying to exit to the beltway. so watch out for that accident northbound 95 after route 610. back to the maps this time a look at the southbound side of i-270. no issues to report. it's just a brake lights route 109 down to 121 and then it breaks free into jermantown. i'll be back with more coming up. >>> big night last night. president obama wins re- election. the gop holds the house. the democrats fend off challenges in the senate. >> maryland voters win gay marriage and if you're just tuning in welcome to our campaign 2012 coverage. we'll take a look at the results throughout the morning. >> president obama as we said won re-election tuesday
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